Emily Savage



Nice to meet you.

Hello, I'm Emily. I am a lover of New England and all of its history. Coffee, Canons, and spontaneous adventures are some of my most favorite things.  I am a photographer and graphic designer based in the Hartford area of Connecticut.  Exploration, photography, and graphic design are my passions. I love nothing more than sharing history through my photography to the world and capturing the good and bad of life surrounding us.

My strong love for photography and the arts began when I was young. Being creative was something that always came to me with ease.  This has slowly transformed me into the person I am today and has helped me craft my career.

My favorite subject to shoot is people.  I love the organic sense of portraiture and capturing someone's personality and feelings.  My love for adventure and exploration leads to my second favorite subject to shoot, which is the beautiful world around us. My favorite part of landscape photography is historical and abandoned places.  Growing up in New England has definitely played a huge part in my love for history.

Jack of all trades. Master of a couple. So, contact me with any of your photography needs. I look forward to working with you and the photographs we will create together.